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Southern exposure: my night in a glass house on Banks Peninsula | Stuff.co.nz

The sense of southern exposure was surprisingly thrilling. I'd been a bit dubious about the idea of spending a night in a cabin made almost entirely of glass: who knew what weirdos could be lurking in the thick bush that surrounds it? The trip from Christchurch did little to quell my fears: a 45-minute drive along long, lonely country roads followed by a steep climb into cloud-covered mountains and a...

Road tripping around Banks Peninsula | Stuff.co.nz

Road tripping around Banks Peninsula is a must-do. Nothing grabs my attention more than a place that's full of character and unique things to see and do. I'm determined to get to know more of my own backyard, here on the South Island, so I decided to spend some time around Banks Peninsula, a place that I have always enjoyed visiting but haven't properly exploredi. I skipped Akaroa, the most...

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