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The Meaning of the Stars On June 24 Aotearoa will celebrate its newest public holiday, Matariki, the Māori New Year. As was tradition, the stars guided Māori ancestors as they looked to the skies for remembrance and reflection, guidance, celebration and connection, which sustained many aspects of their lives. It's an acknowledgement of Mātauranga Māori (ancestral knowledge and wisdom) and...

Southern exposure: my night in a glass house on Banks Peninsula | Stuff.co.nz

The sense of southern exposure was surprisingly thrilling. I'd been a bit dubious about the idea of spending a night in a cabin made almost entirely of glass: who knew what weirdos could be lurking in the thick bush that surrounds it? The trip from Christchurch did little to quell my fears: a 45-minute drive along long, lonely country roads followed by a steep climb into cloud-covered mountains and a...

Road tripping around Banks Peninsula | Stuff.co.nz

Road tripping around Banks Peninsula is a must-do. Nothing grabs my attention more than a place that's full of character and unique things to see and do. I'm determined to get to know more of my own backyard, here on the South Island, so I decided to spend some time around Banks Peninsula, a place that I have always enjoyed visiting but haven't properly exploredi. I skipped Akaroa, the most...

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