The PurePod

When you arrive

  • Each PurePod is located up to 1km from your secure car park.
  • The walk to the PurePod introduces you to the local environment and reinforces the privacy and isolation you will experience.
  • It is only after you make your reservation that you find out exactly how to get to the PurePod.
  • Remember to keep those instructions with you – there are no signs.
  • Checking in is a matter of locking your car (remember it is safe to leave your luggage in the car) and walking to the PurePod.
  • Check in when you wish after 3pm – but arrive well before dusk as there is no artificial lighting on your walk in.
  • We ask you to leave by midday on your departure date so we have time to make the PurePod perfect for the next guest.
  • If you are staying for multiple days, you won’t be interrupted.


The PurePod

  • Has solar electricity powering LED lighting, the fridge and the water system.
  • The bed is the most comfortable we can find!
  • Bio-fuel capable heaters are used to power the heating system and to top up the hot water when there isn’t a lot of solar power available. You’ll be very warm on even the coldest night.
  • Excellent local food can be delivered to the pod – select this option as you make your reservation
  • A cooking hob and outdoor barbeque can be used for cooking – pots, a pan, plates, cutlery, cups and glasses are available.
  • Teas, coffee, milk, olive oil and sugar are available. So is a kettle and a teapot.
  • There is no 3-point plug but there is a USB charger for your devices if they need charging
  • We apologise if you can get a phone signal – ignore it!
  • The glass floor is toughened, laminated (10mm + 8mm) safety glass and all other glass is double- or triple-glazed
  • A PurePod can get pretty hot in the summer so pull the ceiling shades and open the doors – create your own shady oasis – or take the luxury sun loungers into some nearby shade
  • Quality linen is provided
  • Each PurePod is equipped with either binoculars or a telescope, for bird-watching and star-gazing
  • There is a bluetooth speaker, so you can bring your own music
  • The PurePod is stocked with organic hand cleanser, body wash and shampoo
  • There is clean drinking water. You’ll need to bring any other drinks in with you – you can store them in the fridge
  • Books and other reference material in the PurePod allow you to learn more about the location and its history
  • Bring warm clothing in winter – especially if you want to soak up the evening stars
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen are provided
  • An emergency pack including fire extinguisher, first aid supplies and a torch is available at all times
  • Emergency communications are available at the PurePod.
  • No TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, hair dryer, air conditioning (by design!)

What to bring

  • Backpack or overnight bag with a few clothes – warm ones in winter
  • Raincoat and good walking shoes
  • Unless you have pre-booked a dinner & breakfast package (you can do this as you book), bring food and drink for your stay
  • Your favourite tipples
  • Lots of books
  • Music – there is a bluetooth speaker in the Pod
  • Camera – the PurePod is private but you’ll want to tell your friends


  • Some PurePods have information about walking tracks on the property, you are free to follow those marked tracks.
  • Guests who walk away from marked tracks or walk at night do so at their own risk; there may be hazards including steep hillsides, boulders and wetlands.
  • PurePods with walking available are provisioned with a small backpack containing water bottle, first aid kit and an EPIRB (Personal Locator Beacon).
  • Cross waterways only at a bridge or where marked. Waterways can rise quickly.
  • Some natural hazards include Ongaonga (native stinging nettle), stinging nettle, bees and wasps. Anti-histamine cream and pills are provided in the first aid kit.
  • There are no large or dangerous animals. There are lots of gorgeous birds. We trap for predators including possum, stoats and weasels, so that the PurePods are surrounded by more gorgeous birds.
  • Please leave gates as you find them. Where possible, on walking tracks, we have provided a stile or a spring loaded gate to use to make it easier for you to pass through gate ways.