Our Story

The PurePods Story

The PurePods concept comes from a deep love for nature combined with a desire to share that love in a way that is memorable for you – an intensely personal deep immersion into Pure New Zealand. All over this spectacular country are private, secret pockets of amazing beauty filled with unique plants, birds and animals. To stay in a PurePod is to totally engage all five senses experiencing this beauty.

Unique experience

Every day nature puts on a show and you are invited to participate in a way that even when the doors are shut you are not shut out. Your PurePod is total surround glass – that’s right, roof and floor too! At night you sleep with the Southern Cross and millions of other stars above, by day you are surrounded by dramatic natural landscapes with you own secret slice of pure New Zealand literally at the back door (and the front door, and the side door!). Relax, let nature refuel your soul.

PurePods are designed to ensure you experience nature’s show vividly, utilising all your senses whilst remaining sheltered in luxury. The effect is incredible. The stress of life disappears, the wonder at nature’s power and subtlety reconnects us with ourselves – and our partners.

The privacy, the isolation of a tiny glass hut completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds, the bush – takes you to another world.

What is the experience like?

On a hot day you can pull back the sliding doors on all three glassed sides, turn up the shade on the ceiling blinds and indulge the privacy. If it’s cold you are totally insulated, the bio-fuel heating is keeping you warm but you can see the rain or snow falling all around you, experience the sounds and marvel at nature. Venture into the neighbouring landscape if you wish or stay totally still, off the grid, catching up on your reading, your mindfulness – or with your partner!

The unique PurePod experience ensures you are safe, warm, dry yet totally involved in all of the nature around you. Watching the rain fall onto the roof or gazing in wonder at the Milky Way, the experience is yours alone. Private and isolated, you reconnect with nature.

Environmentally friendly

To build the world’s most environmentally transparent building takes more than simply using glass for roofing, flooring and walls. It involves using sustainable energy, minimising the use of non-renewable energy sources, using local water and returning the water to the local area just as clean as it came to us.

Rainwater that falls on the roof is returned under the floor to water the native plants. Waste is cleaned naturally, eco-friendly cleaners are used exclusively.

Conservation and reclamation of the natural environment is close to the heart of PurePods. The commercial returns from a PurePod enable landowners to expand their conservation activities through the extension of nature covenants and the reduction of stock grazing sensitive areas. We take care with our building practices to be as minimally invasive as we can while building safely and imaginatively.

We’re passionate about sharing the best possible experience of Pure New Zealand and we’re passionate about keeping New Zealand pure.

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