PurePods get in behind Land Rovers Support of Sir John Kirwan’s Mitey Drive

PurePods get in behind Land Rovers Support of Sir John Kirwan’s Mitey Drive

PurePods get in behind Land Rovers Support of Sir John Kirwan’s Mitey Drive We are thrilled to be partnering in Canterbury with Land Rover New Zealand and Archibalds in their support of mental health advocate Sir John Kirwan as he embarks on a journey to help change the face of mental health in Aotearoa.

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The Meaning of the Stars On June 24 Aotearoa will celebrate its newest public holiday, Matariki, the Māori New Year. As was tradition, the stars guided Māori ancestors as they looked to the skies for remembrance and reflection, guidance, celebration and connection, which sustained many aspects of their lives. It's an acknowledgement of Mātauranga Māori (ancestral knowledge and wisdom) and...

Kokomea PurePod: Inside the North Island’s new glass pod

Brook Sabin from reviews the newest Kokomea PurePod. Let me blow your mind. There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on Earth. From what I can see from bed – looking up through a glorious glass roof – it doesn't quite seem right. I can see, at best, only a few thousand stars. How could that be true? Well, some very clever people have figured it out. There are...

PurePods venture helps diversify farm income for next generations

Two glass cabins are part of a masterplan by a Kaikōura couple to keep the next generation on the family farm, writes Tim Cronshaw from Rural Life. Early morning calls by stranded drivers to help them get through three fords comes with the territory for inland Kaikoura farmer Tony Blunt. Before Covid 19 arrived, tourists often balked at taking vehicles across the stream and over the narrow...

9 of the loveliest New Zealand huts for your next getaway

Viva Magazine scout out small New Zealand huts and cabins in the rugged high country, deep in the bush and at the beach — ideal for recharging, relaxing and reconnecting. Greystone PurePod, Waipara Valley Head for the hills, high above Greystone Vineyard in the Waipara Valley, to Greystone PurePod. The exact location of this private paradise will not be revealed until booking is confirmed, but...

2 Minutes with Stephanie Hassall from PurePods

Farmbase spent two minutes with Stephanie Hassall from PurePods who shared their fantastic offering that helps farmers diversify and bring in new revenue sources. 1. What can you help people with?  We offer farmers an attractive, eco-friendly way to diversify revenues from traditional farming sources. In return for a one-off partnership fee; we build, maintain and market the PurePod....

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