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The PurePods Experience

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The first thing you'll notice about your PurePod is its heavenly and private location. Each PurePod is designed to ensure you experience nature's show vividly. Better still, your PurePod is luxurious, warm and immaculately styled. It's an unforgettable experience that enables you to connect with nature and special someone.

Sustainable Luxury

The PurePod is designed from the foundations up for environmental sustainability and minimalist luxury. Travel through a delightful nature walk to discover your PurePod. Explore your own isolated slice of paradise, revel in the birdsong all day long. At night, explore the stars of the southern sky from the comfort of your luxury bed.

Location Choice

With seven different PurePod locations to select from, how do you choose? Good question! Each PurePod is set in a unique and secluded part of the beautiful New Zealand landscape, making it tricky to choose a favourite. Perhaps the answer is to include “pod-hopping” on your travel itinerary and visit a few stunning PurePod sites?

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Immerse yourself in the beautiful New Zealand landscape

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