Guest Reviews

“Spectacular! We leave this amazing place with our batteries full of energy! We will never forget this experience. Thank you.” Virginia & Miguel, Spain

“What a wonderful experience. The stars were amazing last night &
the sunrise was spectacular!” Kirsty & Glen, Australia

“The most unique, incredible, perfect place we’ve ever stayed! Thank you!” Jared & Kim, United States

“Wow, what an incredible two days! We really don’t want to leave – it has been such a unique & special experience & we will have no hesitation in recommending PurePods to all of our friends & family (and anyone else who will listen!)” Leigh & James, Australia

“Thank you for this incredible experience. We had an awesome time and the food was delicious!” Klemens, Switzerland

“Absolutely perfect. Our experience at the PurePod was everything we could have hoped for and more! It was the perfect place for us to get engaged. The food package is SO worth it – everything was delicious and having it all ready to go allowed us to relax and fully enjoy our experience. Can’t recommend it enough!” Jenna & Joshua, United States

“Wow! Magnificent views, magnificent slow motion sun rise caressing the landscape! We opened all the doors and experienced bush walking by bed! Thank you for looking after this great piece of our planet.” David & Sus, Australia

“Hey! Thank you very much for the wonderful experience! We really enjoyed ourselves very much and it was a dream come true! Love the morning mountain view and really appreciate all the food you have prepared for us too! Love you guys!! THANK YOU!!” Glenn & Liong, Singapore

“We had a wonderful stay at Atatu! Everything was perfect! New way to discover a part of your gorgeous country. Thanks a lot, NB=Your food is excellent” Bryan & Linsey, Netherlands

“Absolute bliss, an unforgettable experience in a trip packed with adventure!” Rowan, Australia

“Breathtaking beauty everywhere you look! Very comfortable accommodations in the middle of no where.” Beth & Miller, United States

“We have travelled a lot and stayed in luxury hotels, however, this place is by far, the most amazing site where we have been. Simply amazing. Thank you for an incredible day . We will not forget!” Jaime & Ana, Spain

“Thank you so much for this beautiful experience – a lovely way to connect with the stunning NZ landscape. The pod had everything for a comfortable and simple stay. it is very hard to say goodbye! Thanks again.” Darren & Kayla, Australia

“This was one of the most unique, exhilarating unprecedented experiences of our lives, and one of the most enjoyable birthdays I have ever had. We love the views, isolation and opportunity. As biologists we love sustainability. Well done you.” Nicola, United States

Thanks so much for having us. We had a wonderful night stargazing then got up for the most spectacular sunrise!” Charmaine & Jack, Australia

“Absolute loneliness, 360° most beautiful nature. Even the storm was worth seeing. The Pure Pod has taken it. Eat spectacular, sleep amazing.” Joerg & Renata, Germany

“Truly an amazing night. Weren’t sure what to expect and it ended up being very special. The kind of experience we will remember for a long time.
Food was excellent, room/space incredible.” Kevin & Hollice, United States

“PurePods was an amazing experience! Breathtaking view in the comfort of a luxury shelter. We had fun cooking up a feast, finding stare through the telescope and snuggling up in bed soaking in every moment of this experience. We loved the high quality speakers and deck chairs. Thank you for having us, PurePod highlights mother natures true glory.” Jordan & Berenice, Singapore

“Thank you for this beautiful gem. There is nothing quite like laying in bed watching the stars. 10/10 for the view, the pod & the hospitality.” Monique & Chris, Australia

“This is awesome! The view is epic and the food was delicious!
This gives us the best honeymoon experience!” Lynette, Hong Kong

“Outstanding stay! Our last night in NZ couldn’t have been more memorable. Extremely well thought out accommodations. Everything we needed was here. Great design. Loved It.” David & Aileen, United States

“Thank you so much! Would highly recommend. Best part of our holiday. Wished we had booked for longer, just amazing, Thanks again!” Wayne & Karen, Australia

“My wife and I traveled to New Zealand with the goal of staying in one of several Purepods in South Island. We chose Kahutara and the experience was incredible! The views from Kahutara were spectacular with snow-capped mountains in the background. At night, we were able to stargaze and make a delicious dinner from the food provided. We wish we stayed longer and will definitely plan to stay longer next time we are in New Zealand.” Kevin, United States

“We had a very indulgent and special experience here. It certainly is beautiful. Thank you for all the thoughtful touches included.” Michele & John, Australia

“Thank you so much for an amazing stay in the PurePod. The scenery has been spectacular – changing every few minutes with the weather throughout the day. Food was amazing and delicious and easy to prepare.” Gavin, UK

“We had an excellent stay! The facilities are top notch and the view is incredible.” Ching Lam Chan, Hong Kong

“We had an incredible stay at the Purepod, it was the perfect way to end our trip in NZ. Looking forward to checking out one of the other locations somewhere in the near future.” Jenya, Australia

“Thank you for creating such a beautiful, serene place to relax & be outdoors in comfort!!!!! Stars were amazing, too. Perfect in every way. Thank you again.” Mary & John, United States

“PurePod Team, thanks a lot for an amazing night we will never forget.” Ismael & Carolina, Mexico

“I loved everything about this place. The walk in through the bush (10mins) was such a good way to get into the vibe of it, being total seclusion and a direct tie to nature, making way for a seriously relaxing stay. The pod was warm at night, sunny and bright during the day, with spectacular views from every angle. Was great to stay Eco friendly too and not harm the surrounding environment. I will make sure I stay for longer next time, as the one night seemed a little too short to fully absorb it all.” Chris & Jansen, Australia

“We had an amazing time! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful place, so we could enjoy the scenery. It is so peaceful here and we were able to get some much needed rest. We hope to come back! Also, food was delicious!” Kelsey, United States

“Wow! The most incredible place I’ve ever been. The view is breathtaking and the pod is PERFECT! You’ve thought of everything! What an amazing place!!!!!!” Ellen & Mickey, Australia

“Thank you PurePod team! We had an amazing stay…loved the walk up to the cabin, the well appointed pod, the serene lighting and of course the miles of sky and pure NZ around us! We will surely be back.” Karan & Mayura, India

Amazing experience, amazing location, amazing accommodation. This was one of the highlights of our trip. Everything about it was just perfect. The views, the unit was very lux and had great small touches like a grill. Do everything you can to spend 1-2 nights here!!” Tal, United States

“Stupendously amazing. The best place we have ever stayed, totally love the concept, and can’t wait for the next pod experience :)” James, Australia

“Every aspect was just amazing. Loads of hot water. The cookware was exceptional and the layout was very functional. A very comfortable bed and cleanliness was outstanding.” Damien, New Zealand

“We would like to thank you guys for the wonderful hospitality and for making our New Zealand trip a memorable one. During the 2 night stay at PurePods, we were closest to nature and had one of the best experience in our life. The scenery and view are breath-taking!!!” Siti Fatimah Ismail, Singapore

“Best stay of our life! Amazing stay! The most unique experience. The pod was beautiful, modern, and well appointed in the middle of a beautiful, isolated and calm site. Glamping at it’s best! Loved falling asleep star gazing and waking up to the sunrise.” Nadia, United States

“We had a great two night stay at the Little River PurePod, an amazing experience and would highly recommend to others.” Simon, Australia

“Thank you so much for our stay. We loved every second of it. We will be passing on all the great things about this beautiful place to friends and family in Germany” Viktoria & Dayna, Germany

“Unique experience The driving on a private dirt road and the trail hike required to reach PurePod was a unique experience, good for surprising your significant other.” Man Hong Li, Hong Kong

“Out of this world. This was by far the best experience we had in NZ! From the uninterrupted views, to freely roaming sheep to the perfectly & thoughtfully built glass house. To top it all – we got a chance to see a double rainbow. Would highly recommend it.” Dhruv, India

“Just stunning! Amazing view, endearing sheep, fantastic experience. Thank you so much!” Stephen Collins, Australia

“The most relaxing two days of my life. The PurePod is unlike anything else we’ve ever done; just incredibly relaxing. We’re hoping to come back every year (as long as we can reserve a space!) Things we loved doing: the floor of the PurePod is transparent glass raised a few feet off the ground, with ferns growing underneath. There are lights underneath the pod that you can turn on at night; it is incredibly pretty. Watching the kereru chase each other and swoop meters over the PurePod for hours. Looking out at the stars through the glass roof of the PurePod; also stepping outside into the field in the middle of the night (some of the clearest skies I’ve ever seen.) Reading in the comfortable deck chairs in the shade of the pod in the afternoon. Things we were glad to have: books, board games, enough food for two days (we were glad about not needing to leave for supplies!), very summer-y clothing and sunscreen. I can’t recommend this highly enough.” Padraic, New Zealand

“Had a perfect stay. Slept with stars overhead and woke up to sheep outside. Purepods had everything we needed.” Peiling Han, Singapore

“Great escape. Unique experience to remember My partner and I had one night at the Pod and are so glad we did. I don’t think there is anything else quite like this. We loved the sounds of the birds and farm animals nearby. I was delighted by the glass floor at night when it lights up and you can see the ferns underneath. The pod had everything you could need and the bed was very comfortable.” Emilie, Australia

“It was a retirement gift from our son. Absolutely delightful in every way and to have such perfect weather also was truly a lucky thing! A wonderful peaceful and restful stay.” Sally & Malcom, United Kingdom

“Perfect amazing scenery and night sky. everything that was essential for a great night was prepared.” Joycelin, Singapore

“Fantastic private hide away. We really enjoyed our stay at Purepods. The 10 minute walk from the carpark through native bush hearing the birds really set the tone for a relaxing afternoon, evening and following morning. Coming around the corner and seeing the pod sitting there was a real surprise for my wife. She loved it. Thank you.” Nolan & Sarah, Australia

“Thank you for everything! Delicious food, breathtaking/beautiful scenery, stunning cabin…all around unforgettable experience. Thank you for helping to make our honeymoon so special!” Kelly & Greg, United States

“My partner Pete and I would just like to thank you so much for allowing us to have one of the most amazing experiences I think we have ever had!

The pod itself was just unbelievable – every little detail you guys have created was appreciated, the view breathtaking and the fabulous meal – we loved the salmon/potatoes/salad for dinner and not to mention all the other yummy treats!!

The pure pod is a brilliant concept that has been executed so well!

We will definitely be recommending to all our friends and family in Aus!

Thank you so much again, we are truely grateful! ” Sarah & Pete, Australia

“Thank you for an unbelievable evening here at the PurePod in Little River. We could not imagine a more relaxing or beautiful way to enjoy this area – filled with the sounds of nature, stunning views and an incredible way to watch the night sky. This was truly a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience that we will be raving about for years to come.” Rachel & Dana, United States

“Brilliance in one place. The place was not too difficult to find, and very neat, tidy and clean when we arrived. Everything was well thought out and planned, and we were impressed with the eco friendliness of the whole house. Sheep are your neighbors and privacy is a given. I wouldn’t have had another night anywhere else.” Cheryl, Singapore

“Absolutely amazing! Came away feeling relaxed and not wanting to leave…. Ever! It is absolutely stunning! We were very lucky to have such a sunny day and a clear night to watch the stars. Thankyou so much pure pod team, you’ve nailed it!” Hannah, Australia

“Thank you so much for a lovely stay! Everything was perfect. We’ll be back!” Scott, United States

“We had a wonderful time at the Pod. We arrived in Little River and had a wander around before heading up to the Pod. I guess that as the sun went down there was the expectation for a sunset followed by stars and a big near full moon. Anything less would have been a disappointment. But it was anything but. Watching the rain coming and going was great from the cozy comfort of bed. I must say though that I was rather startled when I was woken by cold rain on my face when the southerly really kicked in. I had to shut the doors – shame! The walk up was awesome – and to arrive to the Pod is truly a sight to behold. If I hadn’t have known what it was going to look like it would have been ….. well I don’t know… pretty stunning! The bird life was delightful with those big fat pigeons taking centre stage as only they can do. The food was delicious and I got to try foods that were new to me. I could go on and on but it was sure a life experience I couldn’t have been better!

Thanks a million”

“Last night was the perfect end to a wonderful vacation, with just us two. We stayed at the beautifully unique@purepods just outside of Christchurch. Sustainably built and maintained this space was seriously one of the coolest experiences in #NewZealand. Watching the colors of the sunset on the water, the sunrise over the mountains, taking a shower “out in the open” ? playing with the lights UNDER the pod (my favorite), and just being amongst nature, it was amazing!” Kelsey

“To start, we would both like to thank you for opening up the purepod to us and allowing us to experience such an incredible place in such a unique way. Originally we had hoped for a night under the southern cross without a cloud and with an abundance of stars. Unfortunately, we couldn’t control the weather and we ended up with a rain and hail storm. Surprisingly enough, the storm was an absolutely incredible experience in the purepod so we didn’t mind missing out on the stars!

As far as the whole experience goes, it was nothing short of amazing. To be in the wilderness like that and to be forced to be unplugged was such a blessing for us at that point in our trip. We sat around, played cards, dominos, and with the lights. We had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the food platter you got for us (and were completely shocked by how much food was actually there!).

Next item was the night of sleep. We both woke up as well rested as I have ever been in my life! I maintain that it was, hands down, one of the best nights of sleep in my life!! So, thank you for that!

Overall, I would say if you are going anywhere near Little River, or just traveling around New Zealand, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not experiencing at least one night here. We traveled both islands and did something adventurous everywhere we went, and this was hands down one of the best experiences (and we did NOTHING while we were there!!!!)

EXPERIENCE THE PUREPOD!!! You won’t regret it.

Thanks again.” George and Rebecca

“The PurePod is off the grid; its design is minimal and luxurious. It is in close touch with nature and appears to float on top of the ground.

The Pod encapsulates light and space all at once and engages all your sensors. It connects and reconnects you to everything around you. It allows you a moment to just be and at the same time it creates a space that is playful and intimate.

I remember walking through the lovely bush and pastoral views to emerging into a clearing and just steer in total amazement. To see a completely invisible dwelling is bold, inspirational and exciting.

To make it ecological and nurturing was the delight factor.

Our evening was cold, wet and cloudy and so incredibility beautiful. Hearing the wind, watching the lightning and being in the elements was magical. To wake up to the valley and sea views was breathtaking, especially as you can enjoy the views while lying in bed.

We felt safe, enjoyed our privacy and appreciated the high quality furnishings and amenities. A very special place to visit, thank you.”  Tara and Roger

“Normally I am not very good at keeping secrets, but managed to pull this one off! Coming out of the bush was the perfect surprise for the birthday boy, he was totally blown away! What a wonderful spot, it was a real treat, we both thoroughly enjoyed our night!

Being in the construction industry and a keen advocate of the tiny house movement, Julian was interested in how it all came together. Great use of space and a really unique idea letting the outside in being surrounded by glass…definitely the best view from the throne room either of us have either experienced!

Upon returning to work on Monday there was keen interest, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were more bookings coming through!

Thanks so much again and all the best!!!”  Kate and Julian

“Thank you for our night in the pod. It was truly our secret slice of New Zealand. It’s been an amazing experience for us both. Well done on this exceptional invention. Thanks” Jamie and Louise

“Unique accommodation and amazing service

This was a unique, beautiful and blissful night of accommodation and service. We stayed on a full moon so the night was bright but we loved watching the moon come up and seeing it reflected infinitely in the glass walls and ceiling. I would love to return on a moonless night to view the stars. Later in the evening we watched the mist come up the little river valley and float around the cabin, very magical. We also had a lot of fun playing with the different light combinations and going outside to view the cabin from afar. I highly recommend this as a unique and special experience and have suggested this to my friends as a gorgeous honeymoon retreat.” Teresa Scott

“Thank you so much for a truly incredible stay at the PurePod! Your hospitality is fantastic! We have loved every minute of the PurePod and Little River. A perfect start to our honeymoon and a perfect first taste of New Zealand.

Delicious food, stunning scenery and little bit of luxury in the middle of nowhere!

It was a magical experience – rain and all! Many thanks”  Luke and Caitlan

“Just a note to say thank you! We had the most amazing night. My Partner proposed to me…. and of course I said YES. It was the most perfect setting for such an amazing moment. Keep doing what you do. Thank you.” Sam & Sophie