2 Minutes with Stephanie Hassall from PurePods

Farmbase spent two minutes with Stephanie Hassall from PurePods who shared their fantastic offering that helps farmers diversify and bring in new revenue sources.

1. What can you help people with? 

We offer farmers an attractive, eco-friendly way to diversify revenues from traditional farming sources. In return for a one-off partnership fee; we build, maintain and market the PurePod. Farmers are responsible for cleaning the PurePod and receive a monthly profit share from PurePods. 

Whether you have a farm overlooking rugged cliffs, a knoll of land on a rolling hill, or a private bay with water views, we would love to discuss the benefits of a PurePods partnership.  

2. What’s your company’s story? Why did you set up and when?

The PurePods concept comes from a deep love for nature combined with a desire to share that love. All over this spectacular country are private, secret pockets of amazing beauty filled with unique plants, birds, and animals. Each glass eco-cabin is designed to ensure guests experience nature’s show vividly. The PurePod is designed from the foundations up for environmental sustainability and minimalist luxury. Our philosophy is to tread with a light footprint, each PurePod is 100% off-grid and our team is committed to sustainable tourism. 

3. Your focus for the rest of the year?

The focus for the rest of the year is to encourage New Zealanders to travel beautiful Aotearoa and experience our glass eco-cabins. We are also focusing on finding new PurePod locations in stunning and secluded parts of New Zealand. 

4. Where are you/what are you doing when you’re not working?

4. We have a small dedicated team, who work hard to make our guests have the best possible PurePod experience. Outside the office, our team loves connecting with nature, hiking, gardening, and skiing. 

5. How do people get in touch? 

If you have a site that you think would be suitable for a PurePod, please contact info@purepods.com or visit the partner’s page on our website for more information.  

We would love to chat further about partnership opportunities.

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