Road tripping around Banks Peninsula |

I skipped Akaroa, the most well-known town on Banks Peninsula in favour of wandering around the quieter spots, and let me tell you, I was blown away, especially by how unique, quirky and artsy it is.

Just 80 kilometres from Christchurch, it’s an easy and fun drive from the city and really accessible.

The Milky Way glowing over the Little River Pure Pod at night.

Beautiful winding farm roads curve around ancient bays and volcanic craters and you’re almost guaranteed a great view anywhere you look and to have the place to yourself.

My first stop was out towards Little River, a blip of a town nestled between stunning golden hills, to stay at the PurePods, a unique glass cabin where you can fall asleep under the stars.

A winding walk through the forest will bring you there, with no one around for miles and miles. I fell asleep under a full moon reading and enjoying being completely alone and off the grid. It was good for the soul.

By Liz Carlson


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