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Ready for your next mountain biking adventure?

Although there is an overwhelming temptation to do absolutely nothing at all while staying at a PurePod, for the more energetic amongst us, the Atatū and Korimako PurePods have the perfect mountain biking activities available.  Your adventure begins with a drive through Greta Valley farmland, perhaps giving way to a curious cow or two!  Once you spot your private, glass eco-cabin glinting in...

A Beginner’s Guide to Winter Stargazing

There are lots of benefits to winter; snuggling up with your special someone, enjoying your favourite red wine, skiing and gazing up at the inky-black sky full of stars and bright planets. Stargazing is wonderful anytime of the year, but in the winter, the sky is at its most clear. Stargazing reconnects you with nature, as you stare in awe of the vastness of the star-filled sky. Check out our guide...

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