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For those hoping to escape the chaos and construction of Christchurch, Waipara offers ample opportunities for solace. A relatively new wine region, Waipara’s microclimate produces some of New Zealand’s best wine and food.


After a particularly busy week, Nick and I were ready to spend quality time doing nothing, and where better than at a PurePod? If you haven’t yet heard of the PurePod concept, they are eco-cabins made almost entirely from glass! The roof, walls, and floors are completely transparent, allowing guests to engage more closely with their environment. It was incredible sleeping under the moon and the stars; surreal standing in the shower, looking down at the earth below.

Accessing the newest Greystone Winery PurePod is an adventure in itself with directions emailed to us only days before our booking. After turning onto the Greystone property and Cellar Door, we drove along a windy, unpaved road before parking the car and began a mini hike to the secluded cabin. Hidden deep within the Waipara Valley wine region, the panoramic views from the Pod are resplendent. We watched the sunset while making dinner, fully immersed in our surroundings. Without wifi beckoning, I was able to read a book that had been on my reading list for months and Nick snuck in a leisurely nap before dinner.


Celebrating our eight-year anniversary (crazy, right?) I wanted to surprise Nick with a mini-getaway that would allow us time together without the usual distractions. Fortunately, without wifi or the typical diversions of home, we wiled away the afternoon, reading, talking and dreaming.






By Prairie Girl Musings


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