The Secret is Out! PurePods are Now on The Magical Rakiura Stewart Island

At 47 degrees south, Rakiura Stewart Island is a treasure trove of untouched and pure New Zealand. In the most southern dark sky sanctuary, the lights are wonderous, the clarity of the skies stupendous, and the depth of colours moving, which only a few can call home.

This is where our newest PurePods, Hananui and Tokoeka, are located. People are just buzzing about getting down there and experiencing it for themselves.


Kiwi spotting opportunities from the deck and bed of your PurePod

You can’t beat the feeling!

The feeling once on the island is immersive, but the seclusion and serenity from your PurePod is transformative, unfiltered and unforgettable. 

Be enveloped in the calm, the untouched, and the wild, and let your senses reach out and connect with the land, the wildlife and with each other. This is what a Pure New Zealand experience in a PurePod offers all those that seek it.

Beginning with your transfer to the island, be it by sea or air, feel the unwind take place and open your senses to the exploration and what you are about to experience.

A short walk through an opening in the bush leads you toward the conservation reserve. Passing through the predator fence, you are now in the home of the Kiwi, the Tui, the Morepork, and so much more. The cacophony of birdsong both night and day is mindblowing. Close your eyes, listen here, and then imagine it all around you. This is the meaning of surround sound!

Surrounded by the wild of the bush yet open to the vast view of Lee Bay


As you round the trees to take in the expansive view down and across Lee Bay, the forest marches towards the mountains and Hananui, also known as Mount Anglem, the highest point on the island.

With our Kiwi Tree (reverently named for those it provides shelter and protection) keeping watch over Hananui and Tokoeka, it speaks of a time and place when the birds were the keepers of the land.

With bookings open now, you can experience your slice of utter paradise from the 1st October. We can not wait to show you some of the very best New Zealand has to offer. Stay tuned on our social media channels for more amazing that these locations have to offer.

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