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Following the successful launch of the latest all glass room by PurePod, travel experts at New Zealand In Depth have launched a new itinerary to allow guest to see New Zealand’s South Island across a week-long pod hoping itinerary.

The PurePod concept was first launched in 2014 when architect and visionary, Grant Ryan designed an all glass room allowing guests to stay overnight with interrupted views to the ground beneath the pod, around its transparent walls and up through the glass ceiling. Grant said; “The concept took 8 years to design and get right.”

Recently described by respected travel writer, Maggie Watts, as “hovering slightly above earth … sleeping in a snow globe of stars” the PurePod experience allows guests both isolation and luxury, with a complete immersion in the pods landscape. As each pod looks out onto a different landscape, animal life and views, each delivers a very different experience – and so the concept of pod-hopping was born.

With the opening of PurePod’s sixth room, the team at New Zealand In Depth has designed a new “pod-hopping” experience that will take guests to each of the six available PurePod experiences and combine them into a week-long journey around the Canterbury region of New Zealand’s South Island.

“Pod-hopping is a great way to experience and immerse yourself into the backcountry of New Zealand. As you float over and look out onto the tussock hills, coast and farmland, guests will be able to hop from one spectacular view to another,” said Paul Carberry, New Zealand travel expert and founder of New Zealand In Depth. “Although a single night in any of the PurePod rooms is a wonderful experience, each has their own unique character and setting giving each one a different feel – so combining them together gives the opportunity to engage with a number of environments they offer.”

Each PurePod is located in a secret location away from roads, houses – or any other connection with the outside world. Having parked your car, there is on average a 25 min walk to the Pod. Rated 5-star for its quality of accommodation and services PurePod has also received an Enviro Gold by Qualmark for its low impact on the environment as it runs off-grid on solar power and using filtered rainwater.

However, PurePod’s off-grid credentials have not compromised its luxurious feel, with exclusive linen on a very comfortable bed, under floor heating and a powerful solar shower – every aspect of the stay has been considered to match the standards expected for a luxury retreat.

Available throughout the year, the PurePods are equally enjoyed in summer and winter conditions.

With spectacular views during the day, it is at night with a kaleidoscope of stars when the PurePod truly comes to life. On a clear night, the sky lights up with stars and the milky way. On a stormy night, it is a truly magical spot, safe and warm inside the PurePod watching nature put on a show. Whatever the weather, or time of year, PurePod delivers an experience that brings you closer to nature, alongside the comfort and quality that every luxury New Zealand holiday demands.

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