Magnify the memories you will create!

There is so much to do in Hurunui… slow down and enjoy the ride and drink in more than just the great wine!

It is without a doubt that there are so many amazing activities, places to explore, food and wine to enjoy and people to meet when it comes to meandering through New Zealand. This is why we love it and love sharing it with all those who seek it.

The sky glow at Greystone PurePod, Waipara is 100% stunning!

What if there was a place to just be…

… take it all in and enjoy all the wonders of the day, a place where time almost stands still and the soul rejuvenates from the nature surrounding it? A chance to connect with the person who matters in your life whilst sitting high above a vineyard watching the golden light glow and show mother nature puts on every day. Whatever the weather, you will be assured of an uninterrupted, unfiltered and unforgettable experience. 

This is found in a PurePod. With PurePods dotted throughout Canterbury, the Kāpiti Coast and Stewart Island (with more on the way), adding these to your itinerary adds that touch of unforgettable in a way that magnifies not only your experiences of the day but also restores the soul from the busy lives we lead.

Greystone PurePod awash in the golden glow that the area is well known for.

Greystone PurePod is set high above the award-winning Greystone Vineyard, less than an hour north of Christchurch, right in the heart of the Waipara Valley wine-producing region. 

Beginning with a short walk around rolling hills (bring a backpack and not your suitcase), you might be forgiven for wondering where you might be going. But after a short 450m walk, all will be revealed, and you will quickly realise why people don’t want to leave once here. So even if you are a high-action activity seeker, a PurePod can still claim a piece of your soul and create memories and a feeling of peace you will cherish.

So stay for one night or two as you explore the region, or move on and try another. In the words of others, “ I knew it would be good, but I had no idea just how good and can’t wait to try another PurePod location.” If you are looking for a great activity resource check out the Best Bits Travel Guide and explore all the gems the region has to offer.

A short 30 minutes up the road you will find another two fabulous PurePods with the same well thought out form, function and style, a sense of calm and wonder but yet totally different in feel, in environment and in vista.

Atatū and Korimako PurePods create a distinct and individual feeling. Atatū high atop a hill with 360 views and Korimako is cradled in the surrounding bush which gives time to bird-watch till your heart’s content the fantails are our favourites).

Sitting atop a hill with views as far and wide as the eye can see


Lose yourself in the vista, and enjoy the birds as they flit all around you.


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