Untouched World and PurePods: Sustainable Since Day One

Welcome to the exciting collaboration between PurePods and Untouched World, celebrating sustainable travel and fashion. Both PurePods and Untouched World are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and making a positive impact on our planet. The essence of connection lies at the core of both brands; connecting with nature, connecting with someone special, connecting with natural fibers, and the...

Innovative Eco Glass Cabins Create Extra Sparkle for Sustainable Travel

In an era when responsible travel is front of mind, PurePods stands as a beacon of eco-friendly accommodation.  Founded by Grant Ryan, the idea came from his childhood experiences of growing up on a Southland farm and being spellbound by remote New Zealand landscapes. He felt more people needed to see and feel the wonders mother nature had to offer. It is more than just being in the area and staying...

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