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On the walk up a short wilderness trail in a remote little Canterbury town it was clear we had uncovered one of New Zealand’s most unique getaway.

The look on Emma’s face said it all. You know that look when someones expression just beams with disbelief; this was splendid isolation in complete privacy.

As we approached our PurePod, we could not believe our next 24 hours would be spent in our own isolated paradise, totally immersed in nature in this incredibly innovative eco-luxury glass chalet. We could hardly contain our excitement at our new find, not knowing whether to spend our time inside or out – in the end it was apparent that it really didn’t matter which we settled for because this was an experience where the outside world met the inside one.

PurePods is a stay quite unlike any other we’ve ever experienced, not only are the walls made of glass sliding doors, but the ceiling and floor are too – making your connection with nature a truly all-encompassing one.

You know you are staying somewhere pretty damn cool when you literally see local vegetation beneath your feet, illuminated at night by really well located underfloor lighting.

The PurePod is appointed with every conceivable convenience you could need for a short stay, from a fully stocked kitchenette to the magic little touch of towelled slippers under the bed.

The whole PurePods philosophy very cleverly encompasses design elements that are sympathetic to nature, making use of solar energy for power, bio-fuel fire for heating in the cooler months and water is sourced from rainfall on the roof that is later fed back into the surrounding vegetation after being used.

Taking a shower was an experience in itself, surrounded completely by glass meant we were able to take in views above, of the night sky, or look out onto the breath-taking New Zealand wilderness in the daytime.

Night time is really when the PurePod comes into its own, a glass ceiling allows you to follow the night sky, in a way unrivalled by almost any alternative. On our stay it was a full moon that lit up the darkness and it was pretty incredible to just watch it track across the sky with little side shows of shooting stars against a backdrop of the Southern Cross, Orion’s belt and the multitude of Constellations we get to see in the Southern Hemisphere.

After the cosiest evening you could possibly find, in one of the most comfortable beds on the planet, our PurePods experience was completed with perfection by enjoying a morning coffee on the deck, watching the sun replace the moon and the wildlife swing into action.

We spend our lives always connected, on-call to the notification of an incoming email, text message, tweet or Facebook alarm – but the only notifications you’ll find at a stay in a PurePod are the murmurings of sheep on the surrounding hills or the calls of a Tui, Bellbird or Fantail.

This was an experience completely off-the-grid, a break from the digital world where simply watching the light change as the sun made its way behind the hills was enough to hold our attention, to once again be reminded life has some incredible experiences on offer.

Our PurePods experience truly was quite unlike any other place we’ve stayed and we’re pretty certain this is something yet to be discovered – and when you do, you too will nod your head in appreciation that this is a total immersion into nature, food for your soul.


  • Showering while being able to experience the outdoors
  • Watching the night sky and star trails through the glass ceiling from the luxury of a super comfy bed
  • Having nothing separating you from the outdoors other than glass

By Derek & Emma, ‘The Adventure is Calling


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