Professionally Managed Eco-Tourism Opportunity For Additional On-Farm Income

New Zealand’s pure, clean, green image motivates international visitors to come to this country. They want to experience our special gifts of isolation and beauty. PurePods Ltd has developed and proven a new innovative way to give visitors such experiences.

Now we are looking for landowners who share our values of conservation and sustainability. We need your help so that we can extend opportunities to enjoy New Zealand’s natural environment to more visitors, both international and domestic.

If you are the custodian of a stunning, secret slice of New Zealand that others will enjoy, and that you are prepared to share, we are keen to discuss partnering with you.

In return for a modest upfront investment and an easily manageable on-going commitment to servicing the PurePod, you will gain a stake in the tourism industry and a long term revenue stream.

Allowing us to lease a small part of your property for a PurePod will give you a diversified income source while benefiting from a brand that has strength in marketing, international commerce and customer service. In addition, we understand the process of building consents, resource consents and constructing a PurePod, so will ensure that process, on your land, is as simple and straightforward as possible.

This is a PurePod

New Zealand’s pure, clean, green image motivates international visitors to come to this country. They want to experience the isolation and beauty we often take for granted.

PurePods Ltd has developed and proven a new way to give visitors such experiences.

One part classic kiwi bach, one part musterer’s hut, fully off  the grid, yet updated to the 21st century with an array of ecologically sound technologically innovative conveniences, the PurePod is a luxury hotel suite in a glass box. Its transparent floor, ceiling and walls immerse guests in the landscape. Plants grow beneath the heated floor, the stars glow through the roof and the visitors within are kept warm and dry in their see-through cocoon.

With its fittings, view and privacy, our guests fall instantly in love with the PurePod. Staying here takes them to another world. As the sun sets and the stars begin to appear, they realise what a romantic and inspiring world that is.


Why PurePods?

We look after all the hard bits:

  • Building and resource consent
  • Constructing the pod including working with all relevant consultants
  • Marketing – website, social media, search engine optimization
  • Reservations and dealing with customers
  • All the finances so you just get an easy monthly payment
  • Media and promotion
  • Insurance and regulation issues

Technically difficult things PurePods has had to design:

  • All year round eco-friendly, off-grid yet luxurious glass cabin
  • Communications system to comply with health and safety in no power/cell phone areas
  • Remote operational management system
  • Automated windows for heat control
  • Custom designed parts that allow for large spans of glass in high wind load and high snow areas
  • Prefabricated to allow for low impact building process
  • Relationships with specialist manufacturers around the world for custom parts
  • Eco-friendly, off-grid, low maintenance sewage system
  • Building easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Custom triple glazing for high strength roof sections
  • Patented underfloor heating system
  • Innovative weather tightness solutions for wide span high wind zone area

All of this has created a product that allows customers to experience 100% Pure New Zealand.



Our philosophy stresses treading with a light foot-print. We aim to build a PurePod quickly, on site, mainly using pre-fabricated parts. Our building processes emphasise minimal impact and maximum sympathy to the local environment that surrounds the PurePod.

Building within or near a covenanted or protected area, particularly one with special or unique flora and fauna, increases the sense of wonder that comes from staying in the PurePod.

Solar energy is the PurePod’s main power source. We also use bio-fuel for the heating system, while water from the roof keeps the plants under the floor alive. Water is sourced locally and filtered. Once cleansed by a worm-based treatment system, the PurePod’s wastewater is returned to the ground nearby.

A source of income derived from their conservation activities can inspire landowners to increase their environmental enhancements, enabling the growth of flora nearby to fix the carbon used in the PurePod building process.

Our vision


We have built several PurePods and proved that the concept works by operating successfully with excellent bookings and enthusiastic feedback. Now we want to build more PurePods, on other secluded sites with their own special characteristics.

We are looking for owners of suitable properties to work with, leasing a small portion of their land to build on.

Our criteria for sites and landowners are:

  • Privacy, with no other buildings in sight, minimal road noise and no tracks nearby.
  • Spectacular views.
  • Any particular habitat, species or unique features that will increase your property’s appeal for guests.
  • Potable water available at the site.
  • Suitable sites for building: consent requirements mean that we will need to dig foundation holes and ditches for pipes but we do not want to bulldoze sites or dig into hillsides.
  • Secure car parking: away from passing traffic.
  • Walk-in access, preferably of no more than 15 minutes.
  • Farm vehicle access for maintenance and housekeeping, preferably via a track separate to the guest access.
  • Commitment to conservation, for example through a covenant or area set aside for regeneration.

Landowners stand to gain significant income from a partnership with PurePods. This income comes from a share of the revenue generated by the PurePod on your land. The operating model does not require close personal interaction with guests. In fact you may not need to meet any guests for weeks on end. What is important is that PurePod guests find a clean, inviting, private and spectacular site when they arrive.

Assuming we agree to use your property as a PurePod site, we will provide the PurePod, all fittings, all cleaning equipment, consumables (the items that get used up as guests stay from food staples to cleaning gear) as well as training and documentation on how to clean and maintain the PurePod.

The proportion of the revenue shared with you is dependent on the fee we agree. Exposure to the booming tourist market and its thirst for authentic Kiwi experiences will give you a significant potential income stream diversified from standard farming revenue sources.

An early Partner of PurePods writes: “We are happy to lease a small portion of our land to PurePods as the financial return has given us the freedom to establish additional conservation covenants on our property. It is an agreement that suits us, and a deal that works well.

Doing business with the company has been straight forward, though of course there are always some challenges in establishing something new like this. Those have been dealt with satisfactorily, and we are pleased with the returns the PurePod has generated.”

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