Your Privacy at the PurePod

Some of the most consistent feedback we receive from our guests is about privacy, isolation, being alone with nature – and how amazing that feels.

Many of the questions we get from guests planning their PurePod experiences are about exactly the same thing. Will we be safe? Can someone see us in our glass cabin? Aren’t there other people around? Is there someone lurking in the bushes?

We understand.

One of the great gifts that we have in New Zealand is our ability to be alone in extraordinarily beautiful places. This is why many people visit our country. And it is this precious gift that PurePods wants to share with you.

Most travellers visiting a PurePod live in highly populated urban environments. Many have never experienced a situation where there is literally no-one around.

We take special care in selecting our sites to ensure that there are no buildings in the immediate area, no public roadways or walkways in view of the PurePod. We ensure that you can see no-one, and no-one can see you.

PurePods are built on private property. In New Zealand such property is not encroached without prior permission of the landowner. While most PurePods are built on properties that are being farmed, we take care to place the PurePod away from the generally used areas of the farm. The landowners also maintain the PurePod and they know when it is occupied and are committed to leaving you alone.


“Secluded and private we had the most relaxing and revitalised stay that we can not recommend more highly. Where else can you see stars so bright! Go and stay there”
Jeff and Erica

“We spent an incredible night stay on PurePod. I can’t use words to express my feeling surrounded by the mountains and stars. It was incredibly amazing! The PurePod is very private, no one can access to there without the instruction. So, we feel really private in PurePod. And we really enjoy connecting with nature. The team prepared everything you will need during your stay, first aid box, towels, cooking stuff… It is a wonderful experience that I have never had. Highly recommend you guys to stay in PurePod.”
Ling and Berlin

“My wife and I spent our last night on the honeymoon trip in the PurePod, and it was truly remarkable. We enjoyed listening to birds and watching the sunrise while lying on the bed. A light rain poured down in the morning on the hilly scenery made our experience even more memorable. We absolutely met no one during our stay, and our privacy was guaranteed as promised. Highly recommend if you want to feel the nature of New Zealand.”

“We felt safe, enjoyed our privacy and appreciated the high quality furnishings and amenities. A very special place to visit, thank you”
Tara and Roger

“We had an amazing experience. Beautiful location, accommodation was out of this world: so special, enough luxury, private, star gazing all night… Highly recommend to everyone”
Els Desart