A look into PurePods: NZ’s secret glass huts | Room5

They say those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Neither should those who sleep in PurePods. That’s because a PurePod is essentially a cabin, made entirely of glass. Over the past few years, four PurePods have been built on the South Island, each on their own exclusive property.[…]

A Night At A PurePod | Lost in the Haze

Let me whisk you all the way back to New Zealand for a second. And yep, I promise it will be worth it. A wee while ago now (longer than I’d care to admit!) we spent a magical few days in the Kahutara PurePod. I’m pretty open about my obsession[…]

The Ultimate Off-Grid Sanctuary | Good Magazine

For a life-enhancing experience unlike any other, New Zealand now offers a wilderness retreat that will leave visitors spellbound. Tucked away in secluded pockets of paradise, a PurePod is much more just than a special place to stay. Imagine an abode so still and beautiful, where it’s quiet, private and[…]

What’s On In Waipara: PurePod | Prairie Girl Musings

For those hoping to escape the chaos and construction of Christchurch, Waipara offers ample opportunities for solace. A relatively new wine region, Waipara’s microclimate produces some of New Zealand’s best wine and food. After a particularly busy week, Nick and I were ready to spend quality time doing nothing, and[…]

Room with a View | Avenues Magazine

We haven’t even arrived at our PurePod and my friend is already marvelling at the silence. “It’s just so quiet,” she says, as we amble along a dusty path through paddocks and bush to get to our destination. Our home for the night is the Kahutara pod, one of two[…]

Secluded Bungalows Made Entirely of Glass Provide Scenic Views of New Zealand’s Countryside | ModernMet

In need of an off-the-grid getaway? Look no further than PurePods. These tiny and tranquil vacation homes are located in New Zealand’s idyllic countryside. Far from ordinary cabins, the beautiful bungalows are raised on stilts and made entirely of glass. This daring design provides picture-perfect panoramic views of the surrounding landscape,[…]

Road tripping around Banks Peninsula | Stuff.co.nz

Road tripping around Banks Peninsula is a must-do. Nothing grabs my attention more than a place that’s full of character and unique things to see and do. I’m determined to get to know more of my own backyard, here on the South Island, so I decided to spend some time[…]

Will your next holiday be in a perfect glass PurePod? | The Memo

SUMMARY: The closest you can get to the great outdoors – inside. As our lives become more and more hectic, the idea of taking breaks away from our bustling cities is increasingly appealing.But back-to-basics camping doesn’t appear to everyone, especially if you like your home comforts.Now you can get closer to nature[…]